A CEO's Experience: What an EHR Technology Change Really Needs for Success

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

Anne Hargrave-Thomas headshot
Anne Hargrave-Thomas

CEO, OakLeaf Surgical Hospital and Vice President of Operations, Surgery Partners

Anne Hargrave-Thomas, CEO of OakLeaf Surgical Hospital and vice president of operations at Surgery Partners, is a former nurse in healthcare leadership who views technology as a must-have for operations. Anne talks about what’s top of mind for a hospital CEO during an EHR implementation. In this conversation with host Phil Sobol, vice president of business development at CereCore, she walks through OakLeaf’s transition to MEDITECH Expanse and the village it takes for success. Hear her advice on getting the right people involved, communicating well, developing strong partnerships, being present as an executive leader and much more.

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