A Look Back: Decisions that Led to a Unified EHR with MEDITECH Expanse

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

Thomas Kurtz, Ph.D.

Chief Administrative Officer, Memorial Healthcare

Thomas Kurtz, Ph.D., Chief Administrative Officer at Memorial Healthcare, shares his experience moving a community hospital system to an integrated, singular patient record with MEDITECH Expanse. He walks through making key decisions from EMR to implementation partner selection. He discusses the resources and expertise needed for a successful implementation, immediate benefits physicians experienced, and the long journey of EMR optimization. Tom looks back on the decisions made and why today he still stands by their big-bang implementation approach. Listen in on this conversation with host Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development at CereCore, and Thomas Kurtz for practical advice on how technology can help provide a holistic understanding of patient care. 

Learn more about CereCore and Memorial Healthcare. Connect with Phil Sobol on LinkedIn. Connect with Thomas Kurtz on LinkedIn. 

Wherever your organization is on your EMR journey, CereCore is here to help you evaluate, implement, and optimize your technology investment. We work with the most common electronic healthcare technology platforms and are tool agnostic in our services.  

Is your organization like Memorial Healthcare and considering a move to MEDITECH Expanse? Download these decision guides to determine the best path forward for your health system and community.  

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