CIO Leadership Lessons and Advice from Marty Paslick

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

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Marty Paslick

Retired SVP and CIO, HCA Healthcare

Listen to this masterclass in healthcare IT leadership from Marty Paslick, retired SVP and CIO of HCA Healthcare. He shares experiences from his nearly four decades in HIT and covers topics from workplace culture where “technologists see themselves as healthcare professionals first,” to financial and operational resiliency during adversity. He's not shy about sharing what worked and didn't work when mentoring leaders. Plus, he explains his approach to achieving innovation and quiet operations, authentic communication and three fundamental leadership principles. Enjoy this story-packed conversation with Marty and host Phil Sobol, vice president of business development, at CereCore. 

Key topics 

00:02:12 - Becoming a CIO 

00:06:10 - Quiet Operations and Continual Improvement 

00:10:10 - Evolution of Healthcare IT and CIO Role 

00:11:38 - Building Authentic Relationships 

00:14:03 - Communication Strategies 

00:17:09 - Leadership Style and Flexibility 

00:18:05 - Storytelling in Leadership 

00:20:44 - Final Words of Wisdom 

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  • Marty Paslick, Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, HCA Healthcare 
  • Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development, CereCore  

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