How to Bridge the Great Divide Between IT and Physicians

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

Dr. Charles Bell_600x600px
Dr. Charles Bell

Physician Advisor, CereCore

The physician and IT professional can be radically different personalities and disciplines. What can a healthcare organization do to encourage better collaboration between the two? Dr. Charles Bell, a physician advisor for CereCore, believes that understanding the needs of physicians is the starting point to ease technology frustration and encourage adoption. The other is fostering teamwork. In this conversation with host Phil Sobol, vice president of business development, Dr. Bell shares his experiences and practical advice gleaned from the various hats he has worn over the years as pharmacist, physician, chief medical information officer and physician informaticist working with all the major EHR platforms.

Key topics:

  • Understanding physician frustration and barriers to technology adoption
  • Listening for the underlying message – what is your physician really saying?
  • Establishing a framework for multi-disciplinary collaboration and feedback
  • Embracing change and fostering teamwork

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