Liverpool Women's CIO on the EPR Implementation Journey

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

DanielEyre - 600px
Dan Eyre

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore International

Matt Connor TN
Matt Connor

Chief Information Officer, Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust

Matt Connor is the chief information officer (CIO) for Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust, and they were the first NHS organisation in the UK to go-live on MEDITECH Expanse. Matt talks about their EPR implementation journey with podcast host Phil Sobol, vice president of business development at CereCore and co-host Dan Eyre, vice president of business development for CereCore International. Matt shares what it was like working with CereCore International, tapping into U.K. and U.S. resources, and how the partnership worked, from initial conversations through post go-live. He also dives into lessons learned, early benefits of the modern EPR, and the need for ongoing optimization. Hear Matt’s pearls of wisdom for digital health leaders embarking on a similar EPR transformation. 

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  • Matt Connor, CIO Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Dan Eyre, Vice President of Business Development, CereCore International 
  • Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development, CereCore  

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