Rolling Out EHRs in the Rural Setting: An Expert Guide

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

Ismelda Garza_600x600
Ismelda Garza

CIO, Cuero Regional Hospital and Senior Consultant, CereCore

An EHR implementation is a massive project, especially for rural healthcare locations. Ismelda Garza, CIO of Cuero Regional Hospital and senior consultant at CereCore, explains the multi-year journey their hospital has been on to prepare for the transition to a modern EHR like MEDITECH Expanse. What prep work is involved? Ismelda shares practical advice and her experiences in this conversation with Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development at CereCore. Hear more about the importance of infrastructure stability and early collaboration with third party application vendors to head off potential implementation delays and issues. Plus, Ismelda talks about her personal experience building solid relationships with her leadership team colleagues, staff and end users. 

Key topics: 

  • How to prepare for EHR change, from infrastructure and vendors to staff 
  • The broad impact of technology implementation in a rural setting 
  • How to build solid C-suite relationships  
  • EHR investments in rural health 
  • HIT leadership career journey and passion for rural health 

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Ismelda and Phil mention a conversation with Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Regional Hospital, on the podcast. Hear more about the unique challenges of running a rural hospital and Lynn’s goals and vision for a modernized EHR platform in the episode Rural Healthcare: A CEO’s Take on Advocacy, Tech and More

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