Scaling an IT Department to Support Growth (and Why Managed Services Makes Sense)

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

Varun Gadhok
Varun Gadhok

Chief Information Officer, Surgery Partners

Varun Gadhok, Chief Information Officer at Surgery Partners, talks about experiences that have helped him earn trust and form collaborative relationships among senior leaders and peers. He shares approaches he has used to build high performing IT teams and how he has seen managed services partnerships fuel company growth and contribute to both employee and customer satisfaction. Varun wraps up with lessons learned and career advice like why you need a personal board of directors.

Listen in on this conversation with host Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development at CereCore, and Varun Gadhok that's packed with practical advice for today's healthcare CIO. Learn more about CereCore and Surgery Partners. Connect with Phil Sobol on LinkedIn. Connect with Varun Gadhok on LinkedIn. If your healthcare organization is feeling the pressure to balance IT operational demands with today's staffing and budget constraints, check out the Managed Services vs. Staffing Decision Guide. Use the list of questions in this decision guide as a starting point for conversations with your leadership teams to decide if now is the right time to pursue an alternate IT staffing model.

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