What Matters to a Healthcare CFO? EHR Implementation & Strategic Planning Advice

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

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Alma Alexander

CFO, Cuero Regional Hospital

Strategic plans and EHR technology fueled with data are key for rural healthcare operations today. And what else? Step into the shoes of Alma Alexander, CFO from Cuero Regional Hospital. In this conversation with host Phil Sobol, vice president of business development at CereCore, Alma shares what she’s learned as a healthcare finance leader in both large health systems and rural healthcare settings and how each are different and unique.  

How does a chief financial officer (CFO) tackle top challenges in rural healthcare today? What’s the secret to financially preparing for and managing large IT investments like EHR systems? Alma gives practical advice on using strategic plans as communication tool to align C-suite leaders and the board of directors. Hear first-hand CFO advice as Cuero embarked on a multi-year process to prepare, plan and implement a modern EHR. 

Key Topics  

00:05:04 - Financial operations across different healthcare settings 
Alma compares financial operations in reference labs, metropolitan, and rural hospitals. 

00:08:16 - Top challenges for rural healthcare leaders   
Alma talks about specific challenges faced in managing finances in a rural healthcare setting. 

00:10:35 - Technology's impact on healthcare 
Discussion on how IT advancements like AI and telemedicine are influencing rural healthcare. 

00:14:43 - EHR implementation and strategic planning 
Alma discusses the strategic planning and implementation process for a new EHR system. 

00:18:37 - Decision making in EHR modernization 
Hear about key decisions and pivotal moments in the EHR modernization process and what success looks like from a CFO perspective. 

00:22:40 - Maintaining leadership alignment 
Learn how this leadership team maintains alignment and communication regarding strategic plans. 

00:25:59 - Closing thoughts and advice 
Alma offers final thoughts and advice about the people side of healthcare.  

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