When Healthcare's Toughest Problems Need an Outsider's Perspective

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

Kim Waters_600x600px
Kim Waters

Principal Consultant of Revenue Cycle, CereCore

Many healthcare organizations are facing single digit or negative EBITDA and are searching for strategies to improve profitability, patient care and sustained growth. Examining revenue cycle is often a great place to start because of its far-reaching impact, explains Kim Waters, Principal Consultant for Revenue Cycle at CereCore. In this episode with host Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development at CereCore, Kim shares her unique perspective having worked with healthcare leaders in managed services, revenue cycle, payer disciplines and now CereCore clients. Kim explains how her conversational approach uncovers quick wins, identifies root causes, and helps teams navigate complex changes. She brings business acumen and healthcare experience working with a variety of C-suite roles, health system boards of directors, and clinical teams. What common problems warrant an outside perspective? How can you achieve a productive partnership with a consultant? Kim answers these questions and explains why evaluating change readiness is important to innovation. She wraps up the conversation with a client story that highlights the impact care navigation can have on positive financial results for a health system, a patient and their family. 

Key topics 

  • How to derive the most value from a consulting engagement 
  • Top areas C-suite leaders are looking to improve today 
  • Data, storytelling and the why behind decisions 
  • Revenue cycle optimization can be ripe with opportunity 
  • Care navigation client story: strategy yields savings for health system and patients 


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