Why EHR Optimization Is Worth The Effort And Budget

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

Bob Gronberg 600x600
Bob Gronberg

Assistant Vice President of MEDITECH Professional Services, CereCore

John Walsh_600x600
John Walsh

Manager of MEDITECH Professional Services, CereCore

Stephanie Murray_600x600
Stephanie Murray

Senior Director of Epic Services, CereCore

Maximizing the investment in an EHR platform is work that’s never really finished, and having the organizational discipline, resources, and mindset to continue pursuing EHR optimization often can feel like a battle. In this episode, Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development, talks with EHR experts Bob Gronberg, Assistant Vice President of MEDITECH Professional Services; John Walsh, Manager of MEDITECH Professional Services; and Stephanie Murray, Senior Director of Epic Services. Hear their strategic approaches for discovering optimization opportunities, common issues facilities face, and how assessments can help leaders prioritize optimizations and uncover root causes. The panel covers a wide range of topics such as managing through education needs and staff turnover, why getting behind on system updates can be costly and what a consistent maintenance and optimization process could look like. Each panelist shares parting words of wisdom based on their passion for healthcare and experience working in the EHR vendor setting and with healthcare leaders and clinicians in health systems across the US and abroad. 

Key topics:  

  • Strategic approaches to EHR optimization and maintenance 
  • How an EHR optimization assessment works  
  • Things you can learn from an EHR assessment 
  • Quick wins and trends from an assessment 
  • Change management best practices 
  • Governance, clinical council and budgeting advice 

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