A Physician's Perspective: How Healthcare IT Bridges Gaps and Helps Patient Care

Phil Sobol

Vice President of Business Development, CereCore

L. Austin Fredrickson MD NEOMED Portrait
L. Austin Fredrickson, MD

General Internist, Salem Regional Medical Center

Step into the shoes of L. Austin Fredrickson, MD, a board certified, general internist at Salem Regional Medical Center, as he explains the daily challenges of providing healthcare in his rural hometown of Salem, OH, how he uses healthcare technology and telemedicine, and what more he wishes IT could do. In this conversation with host Phil Sobol, vice president of business development at CereCore, Dr. Fredrickson talks about their health system's recent move to MEDITECH Expanse, how to engage physicians in the process and ideas for bridging the gap between physicians, the C-suite and technology teams. He answers questions like: What does a successful MEDITECH Expanse implementation look like for a physician? What is the lifespan of the physician advisory committee (PAC)? What advice would you give healthcare IT leaders as they plan for a technology implementation and its effect on physicians?

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